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Now and Forever; the History of Music

Since the dawn of time, humankind has undoubtedly expressed itself through music, from half-clad savages beating on primitive drums to the creative savants of the 18th and 19th centuries composing symphonies of unprecedented grandeur.

This website traces the history of music from its first appearance in the Stone Age to its most recent manifestations today. Here, music-lovers can do a ‘deep dive’ into the pages of history, where every musical genre and instrument is examined in meticulous detail.

Human Impulse

Arising from an innate human impulse, longstanding musical traditions can be found in every corner of the globe. However, such practices are typically in a state of flux, reflecting the ever-evolving nature of both the individual artist and the society in which they operate.

In this regard, this site takes a psychological (and anthropological) approach to the history of music, with a view to better understanding the creative impulse that remains a vital part of what makes us human.

Music: Today and Tomorrow

But this site doesn’t only look back into the past. It also looks forward to the future, posing questions as to what tomorrow’s music will likely sound like.

Visitors to this site can read reviews (or submit their own thoughts) of recent releases, all of which are conveniently divided by genre. They can also engage in discussions with readers from other parts of the world, with whom they can exchange their views and opinions on music-related topics.